Other Worlds Of Wonder

Other Worlds of Wonder: Materializing Sacred Space for Our Community

Oracle Ridge

Aine Sullivan -- President

 Aine Sullivan of Oracle Ridge

Aine Sullivan of Oracle Ridge

Originally born as Anna Sullivan, I relocated up here to the Northwest almost two decades ago. I haveb een an energy worker most of my life, not realizing it until I became adult and moved out of my home state of California. 

I originally started out as a Solitary Witch, following the readings of Scott Cunningham, as well as Anne Moura. Yearning for something more, I found a local witch shop that has since closed. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to meet some of the “Garden Group”, from Jefferson. I successfully graduated from Cleda Dawson’s Wicca 101 class, and was introduced to her beautiful garden. I continued my education in the search of different perspectives regarding everything from Tarot, Energetic Healings, BARS (Access Consciousness), I have also had the amazing opportunity to attend Pantheacon in Oakland in 2015. I am the current President of Other Worlds of Wonders.  I have been President for the last 2 years, this being my third year, after being on the board for 6 years, totaling 9 years tenure. Other Worlds of Wonder is a non-profit (501-c3) agency that sought to find Pagan land for the community to use for festival. We have successfully completed that task 3 years ago. We are now seeking to establish a community center for the Pagan community in Portland. Our main fundraiser for this endeavor is the Summer Solstice Festival; SunFest. 

I am currently offering classes regarding different energetic subjects that are being offered to the Deaf Community. I am a sign language interpreter with 25 years of experience in the field. I am a psychic medium, intuitive, energetic healer, life consultant and high-priestess. I am sometimes aided by my amber crystal ball “Bella”.  I look forward to getting to meeting the BE’ing that is you!


I am excited and looking forward to this opportunity to further serve my community. If you have any accommodation requests, questions or comments,  I’m available through email at ainegreenwitch@gmail.com.

 Kanani Soleil

Kanani Soleil

Harvest Moon

Kanani Soleil -- Secretary/ Vendor Coordinator

Kanani: I have been a practicing pagan for over 16 years. I am a wife and the mother of two amazing children, a daughter and a newborn son. I spent most of that time as a solitary practicing tarot reading, magic and witchcraft. I was a co-founder of Novices of the Old Ways in 2005. I am the primary contact for Novices West here in Oregon which is a loosely run family coven. Since 2011 my attention has shifted to community involvement and community event planning. I am one of the coordinators for Columbia Willamette Pagan Pride Day. My focus on community involvement is a direct result of becoming a mother and wanting to have community for them.

If you’re a vendor interested in any of our events please email me at thecraftygoddess@gmail.com

Raven Wolf
Daniel Sullivan- Treasurer

Dawnell Sullivan- SunFest Workshop Coordinator

If you’re interested in hosting a workshop at SunFest please email me Dawnell @ winterrose.wolfind@gmail.com.



BJ Moore- Sargeant of Arms