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SunFest- The Sun In All Its Colors

SunFest is a 4 day camping festival celebrating the Summer Solstice. This year we will be having a community lead ritual with the theme the Sun in All its Colors. 

2014 SunFest Registration Form!!

You are Invited to Join Us For: 
• Rituals
• Workshops
• A Sacred Fire in the Dionysus Grove.
• Children’s Activities. We ask when your children attend the activities that they have an adult in attendance with them.
• Raffle: Look for the Raffle Fairies fluttering around with the tickets. 
• At 9pm on Friday, the Tantric Temple will present a rite (Puja) for adults only. 
• Potluck dinner on Saturday evening. Please bring a prepared dish to share with community, labeled to indicate any allergies or dietary standards, such as Vegetarian or Gluten Free. If you are able to contribute a table for use during the Potluck, we would be most grateful.
• Potlatch Gift Exchange: We will do the Potlatch gift exchange during the potluck dinner on Saturday. Please bring appropriate gifts for children to exchange for the little’s in your group and adult gifts if you wish to participate as well. There are a limited number of vendors on site. 
• Dancing and Drumming around the Main fire in the evening.
• Hiking on the numerous and beautiful trails around the site.
• OWOW is pleased to be holding a Sunday Brunch fundraiser. Brunch will be offered at 10am along with the morning community meeting. Brunch is $7 per adult, $3.50 for children up to and including 12 years of age, there will be biscuits and sausage gravy/meatless gravy, scrambled eggs, bacon and a selection of fresh fruit. 

Stay tuned for more details...

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