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Build the Magick for SunFest- Work Weekend

Are you interested in work exchange to help pay for your SunFest entrance? Would you really like to spend a weekend communing with the forest and helping us to prepare the land for the festival. MAY 16-18 & June 6-8 we are enlisting help to build up the site and build the magick of the land. Working hours are on Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 6 pm 

It'll be yard work... Lots and lots of Yard Work.
Clearing and grooming trails, cutting up and moving firewood, prepping the site for the SunFest camping festival. It's work. No lying there, but if you want to be outdoors and work off your entrance fee it is a day for day exchange. 

Bring your own camping gear, food and water and stay the entire weekend. Or pack a lunch and just help for a day. Contact our work exchange coordinator Larry @ lpiatt@hotmail.com to sign up and for more information.

SunFest- The Sun in All Its Colors