Other Worlds Of Wonder

Other Worlds of Wonder: Materializing Sacred Space for Our Community

We are excited to announce that the community can help support us by listing Other Worlds of Wonder on their Amazon account as their charity of choice. The AmazonSmile Foundation is a 501(c)(3) private foundation created by Amazon to administer the AmazonSmile program. All donation amounts generated by the AmazonSmile program are remitted to the AmazonSmile Foundation. In turn, the AmazonSmile Foundation donates those amounts to the charitable organizations selected by our customers. Amazon pays all expenses of the AmazonSmile Foundation; they are not deducted from the donation amounts generated by purchases on AmazonSmile.

OWOW on AmazonSmile!!

It is our honor and privilege to be able to offer and facilitate community events like local craft bazaars, SunFest and other pagan community gatherings. We are a completely non-profit organization with a 501-c-3 tax-deductible status, that is savvy with stretching funds by physically manifesting whatever we can by ourselves, but financial costs are still inevitable. There is great opportunity and need for you to make any kind of energy exchange offering for the advancement of OWOW and our community.


We have immense gratitude for all offerings of love in any form of energy exchange.  Offerings range from donating of time to donating resources of knowledge and materials, and yes, also to the donation of money! Financial contributions assist with the cost of workshop and activity materials, storage and transportation costs of our valuable signage and materials, portable restroom expenses for SunFest, and also to assist us in the materializing of our ultimate goal for a pagan community center! Please click [this link] to contribute your monthly, reoccurring, tax-deductible donation amount to ensure that OWOW can continue to sponsor our lovely pagan social gatherings and also to manifest our non-profit community center.  If money is not an energy you can spare at this time, but you have an abundance of any other kind of love that you desire to offer to OWOW and the community, please contact [this person@this email address.com] and let us know what gift you would like to share.

OWOW thanks you all so much for your love, energy, and time that you continue to gift to our local pagan community. Other Worlds of Wonder has been on a mission to advance the well-being of the local non-denominational Pagan Community for over 20 years, and we are so excited to witness our hard work and sincere intentions manifesting in the material realm! We have the blessed opportunity to build bonds and relationships with over 50 local vendors, and we are grateful to be able to organize community gatherings and bazaars where they are able to share their gifts with and receive support from the local community.  Whether you have loved OWOW for over 20 years or if you’ve just found us today, we are honored by your energy and support and welcome you to find your place in the community. Right now is truly an exciting time to be a part of OWOW and the local pagan community as the whole world is shifting its consciousness forward through our ancient wisdom.



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